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Payment prevention and international collection management

Non-payment is one of the main risks and problems faced by small and medium-sized exporting companies.

For the prevention, we advise the exporters in the matter of negotiation and billing. Together, our foreign buyer verification services assist the exporter to have a clear idea of who to do or do business with.

For collection, applying international agreements and with an extensive network of lawyers in the main export markets in Europe, the United States, Canada, Central America and of course, the Dominican Republic.

Coaching for exportation

Often small and medium entrepreneurs are wondering the feasibility of exporting or not, and how to do it. Occasionally, specialized guidance is required to help decision-making and subsequently, the start-up of an export business. For a new or small business, it is often not an option to hire from the outset, full time staff that drives this new line of business. In a remote and physical way, we offer the precise accompaniment, so that SMEs can decide, with high professional criteria, whether export is an option or not, and if it is, how to make it a reality.

Market links

Having a good product or business does not guarantee the success of operations. A good distributor, service provider, international representative, among others, are some of those actors that can make machinery work. We support that actor, is the most appropriate based on our experiences of our customers.

Business in DR

For foreigners interested in doing business in any sector in the Dominican Republic, we offer advice, support and representation, from the conception of the project makes its execution. We have professionals with training and experience in various areas that allow their plans to materialize in the country. The services are designed according to the particularity of each client. From the idea, the constitution of a company, to its operationalization.

Book Service

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